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Phosphorus, Orthophosphate (Reactive) Test Kit, Model PO-19A

  • Thông tin sản phẩm

Achieve fast results with an easy-to-carry test kit

Includes: two reagents, color disc, comparator box, two viewing tubes, viewing adaptor, two bottles, dropper tube, funnel, filter paper, deionized water, instructions and carrying case.

Smallest Increment Steps: 0.02 
Range 2: 0 to 4 mg/L PO4 
Case Style: F 
Ship Wt. (lbs): 3.7 
Range: 0 to 0.8 mg/L PO4 
Model: PO-19A
(Includes filtration for turbid samples.) 
Method Name: Color disc/Ascorbic acid 
Number of tests: 100 
Parameter: Phosphorus, Orthophosphate (Reactive) - as PO43- 
Range 3: 0 to 40 mg/L PO4 
Platform : Color Disc